D’Lux Anti-Cellulite Treatment

The treatment will help visible reduce the appearance of cellulite  involving air suctioning massage. Cellulite vacuum therapy is one of many therapies used to tackle the hard-to-shift, dimpled fat that is often found on thighs, knees, buttocks, stomach and the tops of arms. A vacuum is created around the problem area, lifting the cellulite away from the muscle, thus encouraging blood flow, stimulating lymphatic drainage and amplifying the effects of massage or exercise . Cellulite vacuum therapy is a modern version of the ancient Chinese art of “cupping” that is now a popular alternative treatment used by celebrities.

What to expect day of

You will be applied a gel then a compression garment (if legs/arms are being treated) prior to treatment. Despite some redness in the treated areas at first initial session, there is no down time afterwards.  This treatment is non-invasive and it’s possible to return to your daily life immediately.

Post Treatment

To maintain results of any course of cellulite vacuum therapy, continuing regular sessions is advised. Vacuum therapy does not bring immediate benefits and courses can last anywhere from six to 14 weeks of two or more sessions per week. Please keep in mind this treatment should be in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.


$55/Half Hour Session*
Areas to be treated Include:
Choice of Legs, Arms, or Abdomen

*If Legs and/or Arms are treated treatment will Includes an Abdomen Wrap