Organic Airbrush / Spray Tans

Each one of our tans is customized according to your needs.
Stop using tanning beds or sun exposure and get that bronzed look you’ve been waiting for here at The Glam Shoppe!
Our Award-Winning Organic Sunless Tanning Solution contains the perfect blend of natural ingredients that will keep skin moisturized, radiant and hydrated throughout the tanning process. It is formulated win organic oils (high in anti-oxidants), green tea extract, organic herbs, vitamins and natural colours. Our slimming agent go to work while your tan develops. After 6 – 8 hours, shower and discover a new, slimmer, tanner you.

Active Ingredients:  DOA (dihydroxy acetone) derived from sugar beet – hodhrolose: extends the life of your tan – Al.toim healing, soothing, md anninitating properties – Aloe Vera Get a superb hydrator for dry skin – Cecropia Obtusa Park Extract: an innovative local slimming and anti-cellulite ingredient, helps minimize fine lines and wnMdes – Green Tea Extract: very soothing and moisturizing, powerful antioxidant